Meet Chef Jason Richards
I come with significant experience in the culinary industry having worked with one of the most prominent cruise lines in the world preparing from a variety of Mediterranean Cuisine.
I have also worked at the management level with the largest hotel chain in the Caribbean, pleasing the palettes of the hotel’s most exclusive clientele from all over the world for more than six years; among other 3-5-star international resorts. 

In addition to my array of international experience, I have always been a promoter of the local cuisine, and as such have mastered the art of infusing it into various dishes, creating exotic and tantalizing meals to the delight of my guests both local and international.

This love and passion I have for food started very early life as I have always been experimenting with different foods and flavors creating tasty and unique dishes to the enjoyment of family and friends. The satisfaction and gratification they expressed combined with my desire for quality meals propelled me into making culinary a career choice. Having garnered the requisite knowledge, skills and training combined with own creativity my career took off and has been soaring since.
It was while savoring the palettes of thousands of guests worldwide that former employers and members of my national tourist association noticed and has rewarded my work with various accolades to include:

Young Chef of the year award-2014-Antigua Hotel and Tourist Association

Kitchen Member of the Year 2014-Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa

General Manager’s Star Award- Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa

Kitchen Member of the Year 2013- Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa

It is my desire to continue to excel in the food industry making a name for myself and my country while ensuring those who indulge in the work of my hands are thoroughly pleased, satisfied and eagerly awaiting the next dining.
All food and fruit drinks are included during gusts stay at The Great House Antigua. 

UK No. +44 77920 32082 | Antiguan No. +1 (268) 772-7421 | USA No. +1 (808) 400-1826

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