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We are happy to report that the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has enforced a strict policy to ensure that all guests and islanders are kept safe and healthy. The island's airports and ports are open, with a strict procedure for health security screening in place, including the requirement for all guests and hotel staff to be vaccinated. We have undergone government COVID certification and training and passed all requirements. 


Our ‘Peace of Mind’ cleaning protocols will reassure you that your safety is our priority. 



The Great House Peace of Mind COVID-19 Protocol:


At The Great House Antigua, cleanliness and safety have always been our priority.  We give you our assurance that when you stay with us you can unwind, switch off and have peace of mind that our protocols and staff will take care of any worries. 


Antigua & Barbuda Entry Requirements


In preparation for your upcoming visit to Antigua, please CAREFULLY review the attached Entry Requirement documents from the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority.


The Covid-19 situation is ever-changing, we recommend you check for Entry Requirement changes and updates frequently at:

All guests must show proof of vaccination. 


Please keep in mind the following important highlights:


All travellers must have a valid passport.  If you are not a U.S., U.K., or Canadian citizen, please check with your country’s consulate for Visa requirements.  U.S., U.K., and Canadian visitors do not need a Visa to travel to Antigua & Barbuda.


All travellers must have a negative Covid-19 RT-PCR.

You must bring proof of your negative test (ie, your official test results) with you to show at point of departure and on arrival at the Antiguan airport.

All travellers must have a facemask to wear on the plane, and in the Antigua airport area .



Upon arrival in Antigua, all arriving passengers will be monitored for symptoms of Covid-19.  You may be asked to participate in a rapid Covid-19 test administered by airport medical personnel if you are displaying potential Covid-19 symptoms.  If required, passengers may be charged approximately US$100 for the test (pricing subject to change as per local regulations).


Ground transportation to the resort in the form of sanitized taxis will be available as you exit Customs at the Antigua airport.  Simply let the taxi dispatcher know you need transportation to the resort, and you will be on your way.


Health Inspections. The resort has been inspected by the local Ministry of Health to ensure the resort meets or exceeds local health and safety requirements and protocols.  Follow-up inspections to ensure compliance will be ongoing. All members of staff have undergone government COVID training and we have strict measures in place.


During your stay at the hotel, you will notice a wide range of enhanced health and safety protocols which are detailed below:


Masks Protocol

The Government of Antigua & Barbuda have a strict mandatory rule that face masks must be worn in public areas such as shops and on the street. 

At The Great House we have adequate supplies for guests use.


Island Tours: 

All our cars will be disinfected before and after each trip, limiting cross contamination through the car seats or door handles. To minimise proximity no passenger will be able to travel in the passenger seat at the front of the car.  If you are doing a multi-location island tour our driver will disinfect the car at each stop off, and will be carrying hand sanitiser for your personal use. Certain tours and excursions that allow for proper social distancing may continue to be available.  Local tour and excursion providers must undergo a governmental inspection and become “certified” to provide their tours and excursions in a safe and healthful manner.  Due to the fluid nature of the Covid-19 situation, we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular off-site tour or excursion.  However, we do expect that a number of the more popular tours and excursions will be available, as circumstances permit.


Touch-free Check-In Offered:

Your arrival will be as easy as possible. Your luggage, pick up and check in will be as touch-free as possible. Your luggage will be placed outside your door and will have been wiped down with disinfectant wipes. Your suite key will be disinfected on hand over. All guests must sign the Antigua And Barbuda COVID-19 waiver before check-in is complete. Temperatures will also be taken and the reception team are trained to look for symptoms, such as shortness of breath or a prevailing cough.

We no longer accept cash for payment. All extra activities booked and arranged while staying must be paid with debit or credit card at the end of guests stay.


For Your Peace of Mind:

We have implemented a check point practice. Throughout the hotel there will be specific check points which include everything from the suites to the swimming pool.

These check points are where our Head Housekeeper will check every day to make sure that the cleaning team have taken all steps in our Peace of Mind protocol.  These include the most frequently used areas such as reception, lights, pool area and other outdoor seating spaces. 



We will be maintaining our current high standard of housekeeping with additional cleaning and sanitising of all surfaces, door knobs and light switches throughout the day, bed sheets and towels being washed at above 60 degrees and pool chairs/loungers disinfected between use by guests throughout the day. 


Staff Precautions

Many of our staff live on the estate grounds minimising external risks to our guests. All staff are required to undertake a mandatory 3 day training course as arranged by the Antigua and Barbuda government. They understand the importance of the situation and the best strategy to minimise risk. Our staff ‘check-in’ before arriving on site with any updates on temperature changes.

Classes and Spa

All exercise classes are limited to 10 per class (varies on class type) to ensure a 2-meter distance can be maintained. The Banana Spa at The Great House Antigua will remain closed but all spa treatments will take place on the veranda, or grounds. 



The Great House Antigua offers full board for all guests. To keep our guests as safe as possible all meals will be socially distanced and at differing times. The menus for all meals will be al-carte and pre-selected from our fresh and local menu. 



All suites will be maintained and cleaned to the same high standards as before. No guest can be in the room when cleaning takes place and the member of staff will be in appropriate PPE wear. All common areas will be cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant.   All guest accommodations are in low-rise buildings with NO shared air-conditioning or ventilation ducts or systems.  Each guest room has its own completely free-standing air-conditioning unit. 


Garden Spaces

Pool chairs between suites are kept 2 meters apart. During this period our pool bar will be closed but drinks and snacks can be ordered and delivered to guest’s pool chairs as and when they please through the day. Open-Air Walkways.  Guest rooms are accessed via open-air entryways and walkways.


With our 26 acre private gardens we have ample room for guests to roam and explore the grounds without coming into close proximity with anyone else. Our guest spaces include our courtyard, Chinese garden, sugar mill gardens, fairy gardens, BBQ area, palm tree and mahogany tree zones, and sea walks.


Medical Assistance 

Please know that physicians and emergency medical personnel are available and on-call for each resort.  Should the need for medical assistance arise, guests need only contact the resort’s front desk, and physician or appropriate emergency medical personnel will respond directly to the resort.  Any medical bills remain the guest’s responsibility.



The Great House Antigua, as a micro-boutique hotel, with only 16 guests at maximum capacity, set in a gated and secure 28 acres of land, we are the perfect for social distancing.  


Where there is a maintenance issue within the hotel, or your suite, precautions (such as the use of PPE) will be taken. The hotel’s team is small and family driven, dedicated to the success of your stay and therefore the hotel. 


The Great House Antigua has a bonus. The family owned hotel also has a PPE manufacturing plant in the UK and has been at the forefront of the manufacturing of PPE. Director Gabriella Howell has been working at the firm, based in Cardiff UK, whilst The Great House has been COVID closed. BCB International has been working closely with the British Government, health sector and other key working industries, to manufacture essential hand sanitiser, face masks and shields, and has been in advisory discussions with the Government of Antigua over COVID-19 protection. Our team have all undergone certified Covid related training.  Our guests’ wellbeing is certainly in safe hands under the guidance of Gabriella and her team  with her expertise and experience in this field. 


At The Great House Antigua we are taking every precaution to ensure guests are kept safe, maintaining the international and Antiguan government advice on operating the hotel, but ensuring our standards and personalised one-to-one experience is not lost. Though some things may have changed and trips we offer reduced, we are aiming to ensure we are able to offer guests the same benefits of staying with us, in an even more personalised manner. 

While the risk of Covid-19 exposure can never be reduced to zero in a travel and tourism setting, we are making the necessary investments in training, equipment, and products to help ensure the best possible stay for our guests. 


We remain very grateful for your ongoing trust and support.  


Welcome to our paradise – The Great House Antigua



This notice is subject to further revisions as the situation may dictate going forward.  

ABTA Antigua and Barbuda Covid-19 certif
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