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The Great House Signature Treatment - 90 minutes US$180

Start your treatment by choosing an essential oil that appeals to your senses
and reset your mind, body, and spirit.

Start your treatment with a Tibetan singing bowl and then five minutes of mindfulness to create a deep sense of relaxation.

Then experience a medley of massages to include Swedish, aromatherapy,

Indian head and reflexology, conclude with Tibetan singing bowls and herbal tea.  

Massage Treatments - 60 minutes

Deep Tissue. US$140
Energising US$115
Healing Stone Massage $150
Prenatal $120

Facial Treatments - 60 minutes 
Anti-aging with cryotherapy $130

Hydrating Facial $120

Hands and Feet 

Manicure & Pedicure $140

All treatments can be extended by 30 minutes massage US$25

Please provide 24 hours' notice to cancel without charge

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