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The Great House Signature Treatment - 90 minutes US$180

Start your treatment by choosing essential oil that appeals to your senses
Reset your mind, body and spirit so you can come back stronger by 
choosing a blend of essential oils and combine it with a healing touch.
This treatment starts with sound therapy from a Tibetan singing bowl. 
Start your massage with 15 minutes of mindfulness, wellness or energy 
work to create a deep sense of relaxation. Then have a medley of Indian 
head, reflexology and deep tissue massage. Swedish and cross fibre 
techniques, with stretching and drainage, are combined with essential oils 
known for their beneficial effects to the body, mind and spirit. 
The Tibetan bowl sound therapy will mark the end of this luxurious 

Massage Treatments - 60 minutes

Deep Tissue. US$110
Energising US$100
Relaxing. US$95
Reflexology. US$100
Hot Stone. US$110
Facial Treatments - 60 minutes 
Deep Cleansing US$110
Rehydrating US$110
Anti-ageing. US$110

All treatments can be extended by 30 minutes massage US$40

Please provide 24 hours notice to cancel without charge

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