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Spoil yourself with 35% off all bookings

Following Travel Minister Grant Shapps announcement from the 17th May 2021 the Caribbean will been included on the Amber list for travel. Further details on traveling, vaccine passports and quarantine can be found on the government website (British gov link). This means you will be allowed to travel to Antigua, with tests and a ten day quarantine in the UK on return.

With over 35% of Antigua’s population already being vaccinated, and our island having one of the lowest rates of COVID-19 outbreaks, we hope to be on the green list very soon. Our in-house team have been vaccinated and successfully completed the government and in-house training for maintaining best practice COVID protective measures. We have gone the extra mile to keep our guests safe.


To celebrate that our British guests are able to return
to travel we are offering all guests a


Use code: TravelNow

When booking directly through our website. Or book through agents or tour operators.

We have social distancing measures in place, with only 16 guests across our 26-acre estate, you are sure to feel like you have the place to yourself. Join a yoga class, take place in a hike, or a game of croquet in the gardens. A range of activities are included in your stay, as are all meals. The bar opens daily for a glass of champagne, rum punch of local beer.

With only a 30% deposit taken upon booking, and the ability to change your booking dates*, you can trust that you will be able to take your holiday.
We are so excited to welcome you back to our paradise. 




International Flights have returned with real confidence
In just 8 hours you can reach our Paradise island with direct flights to Antigua and Barbuda from Gatwick and Heathrow. Fly with either British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, sales for both airlines are already underway with some super offers. They have implemented strict flight protocols in place to keep guests safe while traveling with the airline. 


If you’re a history buff, you could draw a straight line connecting this drink to the first recorded definition of the cocktail category in general (circa 1806), which called for spirits, sugar, water and bitters. The Old Fashioned hits all those marks, with whiskey, sugar, water and aromatic bitters. You could also skip the history lesson and simply make the drink. Do the latter if you’re already thirsty. 

Put the sugar, bitters and water in a small tumbler. Mix until the sugar dissolves if using granulated. Fill your glass with ice and stir in the whisky. Add a splash of soda water if you like and mix. Garnish with the orange and cherry.

At The Great House Antigua our historic hotel and restaurant are all about the lines we can draw to learn from our past. Today the history we are re-capping is the roaring 1950s, where parties and cocktails were the focal point of life for those visiting The Great House Antigua. The hotel contains many relics from this period in history, and the stories of those who visited for lunch to go with it.

Greta Garbo was a well-known dinner guest, along with Frank Sinatra. Greta Garbo may never have actually uttered those much quoted words “I want to be alone”, however the constant unwanted attention she received made her visits to The Great House all the more special.  Whether the rumours of her romance with Paul Belmondo were true is something neither a gentleman nor this plantation will ever reveal. What we do know is she enjoyed long dinners and laughter filled evenings with her host the American owner Jack Peacock-Green and visited Antigua for many years after her retirement from Hollywood, safe in the knowledge that her solitude would be safeguarded from the prying eyes of the camera.

2 tsp sugar syrup or 1 tsp granulated sugar
1-2 dashes Angostura bitters
splash of water
60ml Scotch whisky or bourbon
soda water (optional)
orange slice
maraschino cherry (optional)


We can’t wait to welcome you to our place in paradise.
The ‘heart stoppingly’ pretty, unique and boutique Great House Antigua.Warmest Regards, 

The Great House Team

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