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We are excited to share The Great House Antigua has been featured in British, American and Canadian media outlets over the last few days.

Starting with The Telegraph. 
Journalist James Henderson wrote of his enjoyable stay which took place earlier this year, featuring photographs of the historic house and estate. The piece has been featured in the travel section of the British national newspaper, The Telegraph. 


Within a few days, we were alerted to another great review by bloggers @thewoldpackoftwo 

They ‘stepped back in time with it’s colonial charm and rich history. with the luxuries of a modern boutique hotel.’

The bloggers went on to note the ‘hotel is located away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas on Antigua, and we loved every minute of it. It was extremely peaceful.’ With our 35 acres of tropical paradise, we aim to ensure all our guests can unwind, especially after the year we have collectively experienced.

We are particularly proud that Renee and Stephen Wolf reported  they had ‘the best meals during our entire time on the island at this hotel. The presiding chef made us the most incredible pan-seared snapper we have ever tasted!’ 


Moving on to Canada, Tim Johnson wrote a fantastic piece about his stay with us at The Great House Antigua in The EPooch Times, Canada. Referring to the beauty and history of the particularly famous past guests, which includes names such as Kennedys, Garbo and Bogart. 

The online publication Dose published a story on working from paradise at The Great House Antigua. With the Antigua & Barbuda government introducing a working visa for our island during these uncertain times and with COVID rates on the island being stringently monitored, we are hugely fortunate that our numbers are very low, making our island the perfect place to work from home during the continued uncertainty.

Thank you to everyone for following us on this journey and we look forward to showcasing our beautiful hotel to all of you soon.

Warmest Regards, 

The Great House Team

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