Our Practitioners 

Karen Brookes, founder of Passion de Dance, is well known for her contribution to the development of dance, wellness and charitable events in Antigua. She began dancing at the age of three and traveled extensively to represent her country. Along the way she found a passion for yoga which helped compliment her dance, teaching and peace of mind. She has now completed an extensive yoga training at the Mathatiu Yoga Ashram in India.
Brookes studied dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London; a leading school of contemporary dance in the world, where she obtained a diploma in dance studies with distinction. While at Laban Brookes studied Pilates, originally to strengthen her core and to assist with injuries. She discovered its beauty and upon graduation was eager to share this experience and her knowledge with others.
At present she teaches in some of the leading resorts and gymnasiums in Antigua. Brookes enjoys each new journey with her students and clients, particularly seeing their growth. Brookes has a vast experience in her field and constantly strives to better her service through workshops and training courses available to her.  She believes learning and sharing knowledge creates a oneness with one’s body and state of mind.
Kareem is originally an amateur boxer and represented Antigua in the past in regional competitions. Boxing has made him passionate about fitness as a way to build confidence, once you are dedicated and willing to challenge yourself you will see the results physically. Fitness will teach you that you can do things that you never expected your body can do.
Kareem's main focus for fitness is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to keep heart-rate up and burn fat. Even with weight training he focuses mainly on light weights or bodyweight workouts with high reps for a lean physique.
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Abby is a fully qualified physiotherapist and pilates instructor, she is passionate about encouraging health and wellness to all she teaches. 
Abby has specialised in treating musculoskeletal conditions and is trained in providing acupuncture and deep tissue massage. 
She has a vast amount of experience working in two of London's most prestigious hospitals, where she treated adults and paediatrics with an array of conditions. 
She is trained in all levels of APPI matwork pilates and has been teaching individuals and classes for 7 years in both the UK and Australia. 

 Eridania trained in Karobics for over 15 years (a mixture of Aerobics and karate). She is also trained in Boot Camp, self defense and as a Zumba instructor allowing her to combine knowledge of  dance and karate to create her own unique movements shaping a space for a more dynamic, exciting and effective fitness program that tones and sculpts the body.


As balance is pivotal in Eridania's program, she decided to pursue the practice of yoga and acro-yoga, implementing her own system of teaching called Warrior Yoga. Utilize movements and poses from yoga, acro-yoga and karate into a combined movement to form a uniquely blended balance of Cardio and muscle toning benefits. For the past years, the university of Fraser Valley has offered workshops to sport trainers and fitness instructors. Here Eridania has completed Health & Wellness 101, Sport & Training Readiness, Core Conditioning, Mobility & Movement of Functional Fitness. She offers classes at the Premier Senior Living elderly home. Eridania is currently training at Purple Dragon Antigua Karate School. 

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Celia is a level two practitioner of the Usui System of RIKI, a Japanese form of bodywork. 
Reiki is a channeling of universal energy, the recipient draws the type and amount of healing which is perfect for them.
Some responses receive increased immune functioning while others are an amplification of intuition, creativity or contentment. Align your mind, body and spirit to enjoy more health, happiness and harmony today.
Celia was also trained at the New Mexico Academy of Massage and Advanced Healing Arts. Book an intuitive body healing session which will enable her to tune in to the style of bodywork that is appropriate for you.
One session may incorporate deep tissue, reflexology and polarity therapy while another may use Swedish massage, acupressure and reiki. Repetitive sessions will vary according to your bodys’ needs and responses.
Feel deep relaxation, release of stress and tension and be one with the moment.

Classes must be pre-booked