Tips on Staying Positive during Coronavirus

We are all learning to adjust to our new lives at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. With all this sudden downtime on our hands and all the doom and gloom news its tough to stay positive. 
With our tips and tricks we believe we can help you be upbeat and happy during this time of self-isolation. 

Being positive 

isn't pretending everything is good,
It's seeing the good in 

Limit your intake


Don't let the negative news get you down. Choose a single news source and decide how much limited time you'll spend on it each day. Then stick to it. 

Keep Clean


Make sure your home space is positive and clean. Clutter makes it difficult to focus on tasks, a messy bedroom has been linked with difficulty sleep and a messy kitchen leads to making poor health choices. Use this time to keep your home clean and an environment you want to spend time in.

Focus on the Small Things


In her book 10 Minutes to Happiness, Sandi Mann suggests keeping a daily journal. Psychology suggests that we can improve our mood by focusing on the small things that bring happiness to us each day. Try answering these questions, a ten minute task that can help you find some happiness:

1. What experience today gave you pleasure?

2. What praise and feedback have you received?

3. What were the moments of pure good fortune?

4. What have you achieved, however small?

5. What makes you feel grateful?

6. How did you express kindness?

Get Creative


Take advantage of your new found time. Take up painting, even if it is just splashing colours on a canvas. Make a candle by melting down the old wax and adding new scents. Try drawing your loved one. Being creative boosts your happiness, reduces anxiety and even slows your heart rate.

Keep Moving


Try not to stay sat down all day, keep your body moving, if its a HIIT workout, a morning stretch or a daily walk, keep the endorphins flowing and happiness will come with them.