Your Next Chapter

There is no doubt that The Great House Antigua is better than fiction. But until your next visit here's a few of our favourites to keep you occupied. If you can't get a hold of any of them visit 'The National Emergency Library' website, which is offering 1.4 million free online books. 

Pride and Prejudice


It is a fact that every list of great books must include Pride and Prejudice. Don’t be fooled by the bonnets and balls: beneath the surface is a tart exposé of the marriage market in Georgian England. For every lucky Elizabeth, who tames the haughty, handsome Mr Darcy and learns to know herself in the process, there’s a Charlotte, resigned to life with a drivelling buffoon for want of a pretty face.



The ultimate piece of dystopian fiction, 1984 was so prescient that it’s become a cliché.  Orwell was interested in the mechanics of totalitarianism, imagining a society that took the paranoid surveillance of the Soviets to chilling conclusions. Our hero, Winston, tries to resist a grey world where a screen watches your every move, but bravery is ultimately futile when the state worms its way inside your mind.

The Importance of Being Earnest


A Trivial Comedy for Serious People is a play by Oscar Wilde. First performed on 14 February 1895 at the St James's Theatre in London, it is a farcical comedy in which the protagonists maintain fictitious personae to escape burdensome social obligations.

Funny Weather


Funny Weather seems like it was written precisely for our times right now, but it's actually a compilation of Laing's criticism and non-fiction writing from across her entire career. In her debut essay collection, the author of Crudo, profiles artists and novelists including Georgia O'Keeffe and Hilary Mantel to show that art can help us fight loneliness, learn about our world, and help us during decidedly wacky political times.

The Authenticity Project


Sees Julian Jessop write his truth in a small green notebook and leave it in a café. What Julian doesn't expect is for his story to inspire six other strangers to reveal the stories that have shaped them, too. A wonderfully warm, feel-good novel about the power of friendship and connection.