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The Great House Antigua's Charity:
St John Hospice

St John Hospice, Antigua & Barbuda, is a nonprofit organization whose Patron is the Governor General.  The organization is overseen by a Board of Directors.


We employ 15 staff members, have 9 beds for the terminally ill, and 2 beds for short term nursing care. Day to day operations run on three shifts. We are open to visitors at all hours.

Palliative home care in Antigua was initially started in 2005 under the auspices of the Order of St. John when it was discovered that there were no facilities or services offered for persons diagnosed with terminal illnesses. In response, a hospice service was developed that offered home care. This led to acquiring the present building from the Government of Antigua & Barbuda when the new hospital Mount Saint John opened in 2009. Raising funds and renovations took approximately two years, and in December 2011 the Gweneth O’Reilly building at Holberton was dedicated.

On January 1st the doors of the St John Hospice Antigua were open.

We are, to date, the only Hospice in the Eastern Caribbean.

All donations from guests are given to the work of St John Hospice

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